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The Happiness Project’s Mission is to spread love and happiness to children in need by providing the life essentials they desperately need and deserve.

We are starting right in our own backyard in Orange County, CA.  With over 10,000 homeless and hungry children, we could not wait another day to start informing our neighbors and raising money to help change this. 

Our goal is to improve the lives of these children in need by raising money and gathering gifts that will allow them to live a healthy life, be able to attend school, never go unfed and to have a bright future with many opportunities.



  • *In 2017, homeless families with children included 26% of overall Orange County homeless population which approximate to 1,265 individuals, and 754 of them were identified as children. About 62% of homeless families transitional shelter, 33% depends on the emergency shelter, and about less than 1% lives in unsheltered.

  • **There are approximately 41 temporary shelters providing 2,647 beds for the homeless on any given night.

  • ***Households with children represent approximately 35% of the Orange County Population.

  • Number of Orange County homeless children are lacking of nutrition food, their families could only afford just one meal per day, or some children get even less.
According to

* 2018 community Indicator Report
** American Family Housing Homeless Facts.
*** Kidsdara.org
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