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3rd Annual Gifts of Love Event 2009
The 3rd Annual Gifts of Love Event took place on December 4th at South Coast Plaza. With more children and volunteers than ever, you could feel the excitement in the air.

We bussed in children from all across the county to attend this years event. The children met with Santa & took a picture with him, rode the famous reindeer carousel, made a few crafts and visited the treats table. The children had such a great time. They laughed, played and were in awe of all of the holiday magic around them.

With all of the amazing support from our sponsors and donations from the community, we were able to pack the gift bags completely full with clothing, shoes, games, toys, school supplies, books and much more. A few children said they were going to wait to open their bags so they have something to open on Christmas morning. The children were incredibly grateful for the experience.

Many families in Orange County are facing more difficult financial times than ever before. To find the children that need our help, we worth with shelter directors and motel managers. Thankfully, they are able to keep us consistently in contact with the families that need the most help.

At the end of the event, many volunteers and children did not want to say "goodbye." The experience was incredible and nobody wanted it to end. We could not believe how appreciative the children were and how much they looked after their brothers and sisters. These children are wonderful. They deserve every opportunity in the world. This event helped us get one step closer to giving that to them.
We sincerely appreciate your support and love. The Happiness Project could never operate without the generosity of people like you.


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