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Sharing The Spirit Holiday Party 2014

Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers for your support this year.

We sincerely appreciate your support and love. The Happiness Project could never operate without the generosity of people like you.


2014HolidayParty-189.jpg, 95kB

2014HolidayParty-248.jpg, 71kB

2014HolidayParty-272.jpg, 101kB

2014HolidayParty-278.jpg, 66kB

2014HolidayParty-285.jpg, 98kB

2014HolidayParty-295.jpg, 78kB

2014HolidayParty-312.jpg, 56kB

2014HolidayParty-334.jpg, 77kB

2014HolidayParty-338.jpg, 93kB

2014HolidayParty-343.jpg, 81kB

2014HolidayParty-352.jpg, 102kB

2014HolidayParty-370.jpg, 90kB

2014HolidayParty-383.jpg, 109kB

2014HolidayParty-384.jpg, 104kB

2014HolidayParty-390.jpg, 102kB

2014HolidayParty-396.jpg, 119kB

2014HolidayParty-400.jpg, 69kB

2014HolidayParty-406.jpg, 68kB

2014HolidayParty-410.jpg, 90kB

2014HolidayParty-416.jpg, 96kB

2014HolidayParty-417.jpg, 82kB

2014HolidayParty-433.jpg, 110kB

2014HolidayParty-445.jpg, 82kB

2014HolidayParty-449.jpg, 100kB

2014HolidayParty-455.jpg, 110kB

2014HolidayParty-459.jpg, 71kB