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1st Annual Gifts of Love Event 2007
For our first annual Gifts of Love Event, we went to shelters throughout the community and held Christmas Parties at their location. This was the best way for us to make sure the children could get to us and we could help as many children as possible. These pictures are from one of the largest events, held at a soup kitchen in Santa Ana. Hundreds of children came to meet Santa and receive lots and lots of presents. Every child received a bag filled with presents, a book that they picked out themselves and a stuffed animal. When packing these backpacks and bags, we make sure to include a good balance of personal items/school supplies along with games and toys. The children were overjoyed to have such a great holiday celebration and most of them sat down immediately and opened their bags or backpacks.

Visiting 6 shelters and soup kitchens throughout the community, The Happiness Project was able to really help children in all parts of the county.

Thank you to the shelter directors and volunteers who helped us every step of the way so that we could help as many children as possible, in the ways that they need it most.
We sincerely appreciate your support and love. The Happiness Project could never operate without the generosity of people like you.


2007-1.jpg, 28kB Lots and lots of bags and backpacks filled and ready for the children to arrive!!

2007-2.jpg, 27kB Santa arrives!! The children are excited!!

2007-3.jpg, 27kB Every child visited with Santa and thanked him for all of the great presents!

2007-4.jpg, 20kB Entire families were invited so that all siblings could attend. No children were forgotten!

2007-5.jpg, 32kB The place was packed with wall-to-wall presents! Thank you to Rip Curl for the over 400 pieces of donated clothing!

2007-6.jpg, 26kB The lines were out the door and around the corner. The children had heard what a wonderful holiday celebration this would be, and all wanted to attend!

2007-7.jpg, 21kB Every child left with their hands full with presents!

2007-8.jpg, 27kB Sweet sisters enjoy the experience together.

2007-9.jpg, 28kB HUGE THANK YOU to all of the volunteers from The Boy Scouts of America, Columbus Tustin Middle School and everyone else who helped make this event possible!